Home Office Furnishing is one of Portland, Maine’s best places to buy or consign gently used office products. We might be small but what we carry can bring a big positive impact on comfort and convenience throughout your work day. Finding items like office chairs, desks, storage bins and shelves that are of high quality and aren’t over priced is a difficult task but not with Home Office. We offer a fair price on all our items and not only that, we give higher than standard percentages for customers that choose to consign with us. Our mission isn’t only to provide outstanding customer service and the opportunity to make money on the products you’ve outgrown but to encourage recycling and reduce trash output. Owner Ann Roy is a huge advocate for living green and wanted her business to reflect those same beliefs.


Various shops will generally consign a little different. Some take 50%  of the profits and don’t require an activation fee, where others might have you pay upfront before you can sell an item in their store. Here at Home Office Furnishings we want our customers to have the best opportunity to make money. So, what you can expect is a small activation fee for a consignment account that is only paid once. You can consign up to ten items at one time and are left on the shelves or floor for up to two months. If the item sells before the start of the second month, you will make 60% of the profit. After the start of the second month, the item goes down half price but will still keep your 60%. At the end of the allotted time, we give a two week leeway period for you to come and collect the items that did not sell. Any items left abandoned by the owner will be claimed by Home Office and either resold under our possession or donated to local second hand stores.


As a customer just looking to shop, you can expect to find three different color tags on our sales floor. Blue tags are new items, yellow tags are month old items and red tags are clearance. Products with red tags are open for barter as we want all of the furnishings in our store to find a good home, even if that means dropping the price a little more. Everything here is in wonderful condition. We go through a thorough quality check of all consigned items, making sure they are free of holes, broken parts, scratches etc.

We can’t wait for you to come and visit, we just know you’ll find something here that you’ve been wanting and for a heck of a deal! With Home Office Furnishings you can finally have the office you’ve always dreamed of. If you have any questions or would like to know more about consignment in our shop you can visit Ann Roy’s Contact Page where you can email her directly.